James Thomas, owner and operator of Valley Border Collies, began his working with the border collies in 1980 when he purchased his first border collie to assist him on the farm with his livestock. 

James,with his border collies working cattle, has been featured in several publications which includes Alabama Farmers Coop, Alabama Farmers Federation, and Neighbors Magazine.  James working 3 dogs on cattle, has been a regular feature at the National Peanut Festival for several years and he was featured in Alabama Farmers Coop production Time Well Spent series.

James offers a 30-45 day training program; training working dogs on various types of livestock.   This program is designed not only to teach a dog it's basic commands but the stock dog will be taught how to go into tight places such as in between the fence and the livestock,  to bring the stock in and out of corrals and fetch stock from open pasture.

Also, private lessons are offered to individuals who are interested in learnng more about handling their stockdog.

James' standard for selecting and training a stock dog is based on his Christian beliefs.  Stand by what you say and it will stand by you.  Ask no more and give no less than honesty and always be fair.  Most important of all, have faith in God and He will see you through the good times as well as the bad.  When times are rough and you get down, look up, God is always there and He will never fail you.

Tony, Jan and Chaz - Demonstration Dogs
All three dogs work cattle
Border Collies for Christ
Jan, Tony and Casey working sheep.
Not only does James Thomas train border collies, he and Louise, his wife, uses the border collies in a outreach program, "Border Collies For Christ."